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Photos courtesy of Whale Watch Cabo

Mexico Whale Watching Trip  Starting at $1,800 Per Person

Los Cabos, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico is a fantastic place to see humpback and gray whales from December-April. 

This package includes:

 - Round trip flights

 - 6 nights at the all-inclusive Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos

 -Round Trip Airport Transfers

 -2.5 Hour Group Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching Tour Details 

A 2.5 hours Marine Wildlife and/or Whale Watching tour departing the Cabo San Lucas Marina 3 times daily. With a maximum of 12 adult guests on each boat we ensure you a personal and educational experience. Your marine biologist guide will take tour photos, which are included FREE of charge via a Dropbox link.

2.5 hour Tours on Covered Boats
Marine Biologist Guide
Departs at 8:30 AM, 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM
12 adult guests max
Free Photos

Your whale watching tour itinerary starts with a departure from the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The tour then visits all the sights in the Cabo San Lucas Marine Park including Lands End, the Sea Lion Colony, The Arch, Lovers Beach and the Sea Bird nesting colonies.

We then head down the coast on the Pacific side or Sea of Cortez side, depending on where the most active Whales have been spotted.

We go further to ensure the best conditions for sightings and to ensure the most natural encounters for you. This approach has led to many years of successful Whale watching tours – it is part of what sets Whale Watch Cabo apart.

Why do we like Sandos Finisterra? 

Sandos Finisterra offers a great location for whale watching. They even have a Whale Watchers bar where guests can see whales breaching as they enjoy a cocktail.  The Sandos brand is committed to protecting animals at all of their properties and is against animals in captivity.  

Why do we like Whale Watch Cabo? 

This company stands out from the others in Los Cabos. They have a focus on the well-being of the animals and conservation, which is what we at Animal Adventures believe in. 

Here are details from their website, www.whalewatchcabo.com:

​Whale Watch Cabo’s mission is: To provide guests with fun, personal, educational and sustainable whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas while supporting Whale and Dolphin conservation locally and internationally.

Whale Watch Cabo started out with one Biologist (Janneke) who saw that Whale watching tours in Cabo San Lucas could be arranged to offer visitors a more sustainable, educational and responsible way to encounter Whales. So Janneke founded Whale Watch Cabo to offer an opportunity for visitors to take part in fun, informative and respectful Whale watching tours. Today Whale Watch Cabo is still the only dedicated whale watching company in Cabo San Lucas. Our specialized company focuses on small groups dedicated to non-invasive tours that support Whale conservation and research. We still offer small group whale watching tours and have grown to be a leader in educational, sustainable and responsible Whale watching operations here in Cabo San Lucas.

Our efforts now include our Cabo San Lucas Whale watching tours, Cetacean research projects here in Los Cabos, research throughout Mexico as part of several organizations and internationally as members of several Cetacean Conservation and Advocacy Organizations. Whale Watch Cabo and its staff of Whale Naturalists work to support furthering our understanding of Cetaceans, improving Whale Watching standards locally and internationally and participating in Whale Research and Conservation.

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