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Many travelers visit hotels and all-inclusive resorts every year. While these resorts may not be immersive animal experiences, we want to provide ethical travel options for resort-lovers. Resorts are chosen when they have a lower impact on the environment, community programs and kind treatment of animals. 

Our list will continue to grow as we discover, evaluate and visit additional resorts. 

Sandos Caracol is against animal captivity and promotes animal welfare and education. They have created a mini-farm at their resort with rescued farm animals and also have rescued dogs and cats onsite. They educate their guests on exploitation of animals and also have a 100% Vegan restaurant onsite (included in the all-inclusive price).

They collect donations for stray dogs, teach kids about animal care and are home to many wild animals. 

More information about their animal efforts can be found here:


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Responsible Resorts

Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, Playa Del Carmen Mexico