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Animal Adventures by LoveLand & Sea is committed to proving travel which doesn't harm animals, including the native wildlife. One of the greatest tour operators we can support is G Adventures. By partnering with them and selling the Jane Goodall Collection and National Geographic Journeys we are confident that we are making a difference while bringing travelers closer to nature. Here are our featured Animal Adventures Tours. 

The Jane Goodall Collection

Whale Watching in Los Cabos

Responsible Resorts 


Many people enjoy traveling to see specific animals and experience the wildlife of the region. Animal lovers often seek out unique animal experiences with the best intentions. However, what many people don't know is that many animal attractions are unhealthy, unsafe and sometimes just cruel for the animals involved. 

Riding elephants may seem okay since they are in a "sanctuary" or "rescue." Posing with tigers who were "rescued" by monks seems innocent enough. Swimming with dolphins has been a favorite among tourists for years. But these and many other animal encounters are not always as they seem. 

In order to help other animal lovers who only have the best intentions,  we have put together travel packages that focus on ethical experiences. These experiences don't involve animals in captivity or exploited animals, but rather opportunities to visit animals in their natural habitat with minimal impact on the animals and their environment.  

Many of the packages offered also give back in the form of donations for the very animals you have seen. Through conservation and education we can all make a difference while experiencing life-changing travel. 

The adventures are supported by various  organizations and more details can be found with each individual tour. 

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